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Pass Ups Update

With so many people getting themselves a four legged companion during COVID times, we have tons of new members this year. New members means lots of pass ups. We also have a new class - 'Tweens' - which is for those between Introduction and Beginners.

Introduction to Tweens:

George Cripps & Ted

Dale Donohue & Oscar

Lisa Churchill & Archie

Jenny Taylor & Louluu

Introduction to Beginners:

Luud van Spaendonck & Jesse

Chris Haig & Molly

Karen Haig & Molly

Tweens to Beginners:

Tony Moon & Astro

Shane Bolding & Jasper

Kim Pike & Cuba

Jillian Mitchell & Bella

Pink to Yellow:

Michael Gordon & Sox

Jessica O'Mahony & Clover

Yellow to White:

Julie Mineely & Monty

Molly Patten & Sonny

White to Green:

Amanda Price & Karma

Yvonne Pereira & Oscar

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