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You must be a member to train with the club.


Memberships are renewed annually, and the registration day is 4 February 2024 from 9:00 am to midday (this is a no training day and there will be a sausage sizzle). 


Sunday training will recommence 11th February 2024 for all levels except Introduction and Tweens - see the Events and Updates page for more information.

Members returning in 2024

Remember to bring your dog's current vaccination record for us to view these must include:

  1. Boosters maintained during association with the Club. 

  2. Dogs must have current vaccinations of C5. 

  3. 3-yearly vaccinations are acceptable with an annual kennel-cough booster.

Fees are due on the day of a new enrolment, or on registration day for existing members.

Please review the Club Regulations when you register.

Contact Joanne Jordan, Club President and Training Coordinator to register to attend training.


CURRENT FEES as at December 2023

New Members pay $25 in addition to the joining fee depending on the time of year they start, see fee structure below.

Month of Joining                    Family     Single   Pensioner    

February, March and April       $65       $52         $26

May, June and July                     $55       $42         $22

August and September            $45       $34         $17

October and November           $35       $26        $13

December                          $25.00 JOINING FEE ONLY

Family Concession                $40.00

Family Concession’s for Pensioners only

Single student same as pension rate

An additional $2 attendance fee must be paid when you can come to a class.


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