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March 2022 Pass Ups

Congratulations to all for their hard work!

Tweens to Beginners:

Judy Taylor & Meg

Kate Oates & Vader

Cherise Oosthuizen & Vulcan

Cayli Lane & Luna

Billie Orpin & Whiskey

Emily Stull & Daisy

Dan Sims & Pochi

Luud van Spaendonck & Jesse

Jenny Poore & Rita

Beginners to Pink:

Jillian Mitchell & Bella

Luud van Spaendonck & Jesse

Jenny Poore & Rita

Meagan Tucker & Aurora

Pink to Yellow:

Ann Wakefield & Sharah

Rachel Simmons & Ramsey

Janet Allen & Darcy

Rhys McMillan & Lulu

Ivan Neal & Meg

Steph Bast & George

Paula Hughes & Hachi

Sue Burton & Pippin


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