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Passups Update

A Long time since we've had a passups post, but here are the ones from the first half of the year. Congratulations to all dogs and handlers. We're looking forward to seeing everyone again ofter lockdown concludes.

Introduction to Beginners: Beginners to Pink:

Ann Wakefield & Sharah Tony Bentvelzen & Raf

Ivan Neal & Meg Kei Eishold & Timmy

Dave Chun & Peppa Amanda Price & Karma

Caitlin Pilkington & Peppa Amanda Price & Karma

Bronwyn Munday & Ned Josie Eynaud & Millar

Linda Iliesky & Harmony Alison Gill & Bailey

Win Williams & Rufus

Amanda Price & Karma Pink to Yellow:

Alison Gill & Bailey

David Lowe & Colt Helen Parker & Boo

Josie Eynaud & Millar Tracey Grenville & Yogi

Fiona McQueen & Snickers Megan Hewett & Timmy

Curtis Luckett & Jaala Yvonne Pereira & Oscar

Christine Gerencer & Millie Jeannie Oakley & Buddy

Barbara Robic & Leia Andrea Miles & Mac

Attika Stahl & Jaala

Michelle Brown & May Yellow to White:

Chris Oliver & Max

Walter Aich & Max Andrew Marston & Ruby

Jenny Poore & Rita Trish Copeland & Teddy

Jasmine Furphy & Lennox Helen Parker & Jack

Christina Aitken & Jasper

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