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January - mid-March 2022 pass ups

Congratulations to all for their hard work:

Tweens to Beginners

Jill Furniss & Layla

Chris Stull & Daisy

Lisa Churchward & Archie

Dina Goebel & Jorge

Shane MacKay & Tilly

Jeremy Schramp & Meg

Beginners to Pink

Ella Angarane & Stevie

Chris Haig & Molly

Karen Haig & Molly

Steph Bast & George

Chris Stull & Daisy

Allison Olden & Charlee

Pink to Yellow

Lorraine Wylie & Rogan

Yellow to White

Michael Gordon & Sox

Jeanne Oakley & Buddy

Danika Dent & Pete

Hannah Martin & Fergie

White to Green

Andrea Miles & Mac

Andrew Marston & Ruby


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