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July 2022 Pass Ups

Tweens to Beginners

Donna Murley & Sock

Karin Kubitz & Poppy

Kelly Hamilton & Tank

Mia Dugard & Paddington

Simone Wright & Murphy

Marine Shriver & Billie

Deb Panagiotidis & Harley

Robert Abbot & Kobe

Peter Soltys & Bear

'Brock' Brocklesby & Jimmy

Chris Roziel & Zelda

Lucy Camenzuli & Milly

Alison Adams & Bonnie

Simone Pouw & Woody

Jake Cochrane & Woody

Kelly Osborne & Harlow

Ros Abercrombie & Flo

Pink to Yellow:

Jeremy Schramp & Meg

Ella Angarane & Stevie

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