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Congratulations to this year's award winners

Thank you: for all your help

Sue Burton

Linda Draper

Steve McMillan


Megan Hewett

Encouragement: Keep up the good work

Rachel Simmons & Ramsey

Emma Lester & Georgie

Persistence: for never giving up

Chris Haig & Molly

Celia Hendrik & Meg

Janet Allen & Darcy

Karen Haig & Milly

Pete Burls & Shelby

Eric Smith & Chelsea

Most improved

Diane Coolidge & Milly

Claire Atherton & Leo

Michael Gordon & Sox

Andrea Miles & Mac

Instructors award

Rhys McMillan & Lulu

Andrea Millsom & Bear

Ella Angarane & Stevie

Steph Bast & George

Keith Ridout & Dibley

Rusty Award:

Yvonne Pereira


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