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Pass ups since September 2020

Lots of new members in the last 3-4 months, and lots of pass ups too! Congratulations to all for their efforts!

Introduction to Beginners: Pink to Yellow:

Alison Adams & Ernie Kei Eishold & Timmy

Shirley O'Brien & Storm Danika Dent & Pete

Ann Brady & Nikita Joe Reynalds & Charlie

Julie Mineely & Monty

Molly Patten & Sonny Yellow to White:

Sue Young & Sami Helen Parker & Boo

Hal Young & Sami

Lesley O'Donohue & Iggy White to Green:

Scott Adams & Alby Keith Ridout & Dibley

Michelle Wheatley & Molly

Rachel B & Poppy

Beginners to Pink:

Jessica Park & Chase

Fiona MacQueen & Snickers

Karen Skinner & Jack

Brooke Richards & Betty

Curtis Luckett & Jaala


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