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May & June Pass Ups

Lots of new members and longer term members have been working hard to make progress.

Introduction to Beginners:

Angela Peluso & Harry

Cazz Harbich & Oden

Yvonne McConvil & Ruby

Michael Gordan & Sox

Hanna Martin & Fergie

Diane Coolidge & Milly

Kevin Jamison & Ollie

Beginners to Pink:

Janet Allen & Darcey

Angela Peluso & Harry

Michelle Brown & May

Michael Gordon & Sox

Celia Hendriks & Meg

Pink To Yellow:

Cheryl Walker & Rusty

Julie Mineely & Monty

Emma Lester & Georgie

Yellow to White:

Andrea Miles & Mac

Amanda Price & Karma

Megan Hewett & Timmy


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