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Winter Passups

These are a little belated everyone, so apologies. From July we had moving from Pink to Yellow was Peter Foden & Bingley, from Yellow to White was Mat Beckwith & Sidney and Keith Ridout & Dibley and from White to Green:Jenny Harding & Zara

More recently we've had from Introduction to Beginners:

Janet Allen & Darcy

Jessica Ellis & Indi

Denyse Menzies & Felicia

Rhys McMillan & Lulu

Danielle Croft & Roxy

Heather Newcombe & Isla

Lisa Scharnberg & Bentley

Scott Grenville & Yogi

Jarrod Appleyard & Archie

Vicki Edwards & Billie

From Beginners to Pink:

Andrea Miles & Mac

Peter Foden & Max

Angus McMillan & Zoos

Congratulations everyone!

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