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February Passups

Hi Everyone,

A big congratulations to our first passuppers of the year.

From White to green, we have Zali Saphin & Riley and Raelene Bond & Annie

From Pink to Yellow we have Fay Hudson & Shelby

From Introduction to Beginners there is Gail Widmer & Jed, Liz Bowen & Claudius, Tess Dowthwaite & Koura, Kevin Mabilia & Logan, Scarlett Jaeger & Loki, Michelle Wardle & Jack, Keith Ridout & Dibley, Narelle Munday & Ryka, Carmel Roberts & Dorothy, Jackie Ridout & Dibley, Tarryn Turnbull & Murphy, Sue Millane & Sadie and David Munday & Chief.

Well done everyone!

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