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2017 Fun Day!

After our washout of our event last year it was a great way to start the season by holding our annual Fun Day last weekend! Please find some of hte results below and enjoy some new photos around the website!!

Ball & Spoon: Brigitte Linder & Pippa

Musical Mats: Bronwyn Munday & Chief

Agility Dressage: Susan Banks & Banjo


Beginners Natalie Jaeger & Loki

Pink Eric Smith & Chelsea

Yellow Barb Brown & Jess

White Zali Saphin & Riley

Green Susan Banks & Banjo

Fastest recalls:

Beginners: Scarlett Jaeger & Loki

Pink: Eric Smith & Chelsea

Yellow: Helen O’Brien & Buzz

White: Brigitte Linder & Pippa

Green: Helen O’Brien & Echo

Longest Stays

Beginners; Liz Bowen & Claudius

Pink: Eric Smith & Chelsea

Yellow: Liz Hall & Maui

White: Zali Saphin & Riley

Green: Jo Reader & Tilly

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