September Pass Ups

Congratulations to the following members and their dogs for being passed up this month! Well done all for your hard work.

From Introduction to Beginners:

Shona O’Dempsey & Harvey

James Paul & Bear

Kari Bellingham & Maple

Chris Hartmann & Joey

Angus McMillan & Zoos

Hamish McMillan & Spoodle

Sharon McIntosh & Razzle

Ricky Wheeler & Razzle

From Beginners To Pink:

Kay Rennie & Possom

Scarlett Jaeger & Loki

Michelle Wardle & Jack

Tess Dowthwaite & Koura

Beth Inglis & Lexi

Chelsea Esler & Mack

From Pink to Yellow:

Carmel Roberts & Dorothy

From Yellow to White:

Liz Hall & Genghis

Rhonda De Stephano & Saffi

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